Photo Editing

Photo Restoration and Retouching

  • Correction of light levels, exposure, contrast and brightness.
  • Correction of faded colour and colour casts.
  • Improving of sharpness and clarity.
  • Removing dust, scratches and marks made by pen, sellotape etc.
  • Repairing damage made by water, mold, stains and creases.
  • Repairing missing pieces, tears and distortion.
  • Removing unwanted elements.
  • Changing or removing backgrounds.

Photo Colouring

  • Convert colour image into black and white.
  • Enhance colours in a colour image.
  • Remove colour casts.
  • Convert a colour or black and white image to any two-tone colour image.
  • Add spot colour to black and white image.
  • Replace one colour with a different colour.
  • Colourise a black and white image.

Note: There are limitations to what we can do, but we will do our best and are always happy to discuss a project with you for free with no obligations. It also may be necessary to use AI-assisted software to make repairs that would be too difficult or too time-consuming to do by hand. In this case there is a small additional cost to run it through the program.

The above is only a guideline. Every project is different and the time required to complete it may vary. We recommend you contact us for an estimate beforehand.

Sending us your images

Working from a hardcopy source will give the best results as we will create a digital copy using our professional photographic scanner. However, we understand you may be reluctant to part with your precious pictures, so you can scan them at home and send them to us following the guidelines below.

Please scan at:

  • 600 dpi resolution
  • full colour RGB (even for black and white photos)
  • turn off all 'auto correction' and 'colour correction' options.
  • Save scan at maximum or 100% quality settings for JPEGs. This should result in file that is about 6-7MB in size for a standard sized photo print.

How much will it cost?

I charge a flat rate of $50 per hour for all photo editing and colouring work. The cost depends on the complexity of the job. The more work involved, the higher the cost. As a guideline, small changes like improving sharpness, correcting colour casts and scratch removal of a relatively unblemished image may take one to two hours. However an image that is badly damaged may take several hours to repair. Colouring is also done by hand as this produces a much more natural-looking image but takes many hours to achieve a favourable result. See Rates for more information.