Comprehensives publishing services for print and web

From writing your blog, editing your thesis, helping you write that great novel, to assessing your website for accessibility and web standards I can help you get the best out of your writing.

I have a broad range of qualifications, skills and interests, have travelled and worked in a variety of industries, that makes me uniquely versatile in writing and editing texts on many topics from knitting patterns to university physics papers.

I accept worldwide clients and as I am conveniently located in New Zealand, this makes me able to provide an overnight service for overseas clients.

Please contact me for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Editing services

  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Substantive editing
  • Academic editing
  • Developmental editing

How much will it cost?

The type of editing service you require will depend on the nature of the publication you're working on and how far along you are in the writing process. 

The amount of work involved varies from service to service and so, the more work involved, the higher the rate. I charge on a per hour basis, from $25 an hour for proofreading up to $60 an hour for developmental editing. See Rates for more information.

As a basic estimate of how long the work will take, I generally get through around:

  • 4,000 words per hour for proofreading
  • 2,500 per hour for editing and website editing
  • 1,000 for substantive editing and academic editing
  • 500 for developmental editing.

Though, it really depends on the individual document and author's writing ability and I recommend you send me a sample of the work, so that I can give you a more accurate estimate.

Writing and production services

  • Copy writing
  • CVs, resumes and cover letters
  • Blogs and online content
  • Magazine articles
  • Website content
  • Brochures and marketing materials
  • Book production and publishing
  • Writing coach

How much will it cost?

I charge a flat rate of $50 per hour for writing services. You can bring down the cost by providing me with plenty of information and direction on your topic, which will mean the time I will have to spend researching will be reduced.

Book production costs $60 an hour as this includes additional services of typesetting, design and production.

Coaching costs $60 an hour as this involves one-to-one discussions and writing assessments to help guide you to becoming a better writer.

All rates are excluding GST. See Rates for more information.

Websites and web-admin services

  • Brochure/information websites
  • Directory websites
  • Shopping websites
  • Gallery websites
  • Blogs

Whether you're looking for a website for your business, charity, community group or hobby, I can build you an affordable easy-to-run website. As I use a template-based system I am able to build your website quickly and cheaply.

How much will it cost?

The cost will depend on how long it takes to build your website, and the time it takes to build it depends on the amount of customisation you require. A simple information-only website with no customisation might take only a few hours, while a large retail website with lots of products and customisation may take up to two weeks to create, so it varies from project to project.

I charge on a per hour basis, from $50 for website development to $35 an hour for website maintenance and administration if you choose not to do this yourself after the website is completed. Also, be aware that domain name registration and hosting fees are an additional cost. See Rates for more information.

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